One Of The Tasks Of Building A Deck Is The Stairway Leading To It From Ground Level..

It Seems Daunting and Overwhelming To Figure And Configure The Stringers.. The Piece Of Wood Which Angles From The Floor / Ground Level To The Deck Level.. You Gotta Figure The Height Of The Riser And The Run Of The Tread.

Sure There Are Computers Which Will Figure That Out For You But For Eons Of Time, Carpenters Didn’t Have Those Devices..

The Basic Tool For Lay out Is The Framing Square Or, We Think, More Simply, The Speed Square..Once You Have The Lumber And The Measurements, The Rest Is Easy..

Some Lumber, A Speed or Framing Square, A Saw, A Tape Measure Or Carpenter’s Ruler And You Are Good To Go

For An Easy To Follow Tutorial, Grab Your Tools And Let’s Get Started On Page 2

Before You Begin Your Deck Project, We Recommend That You Watch This Video Completely..Then You Will Fully Understand The Concept.

For You Seasoned Carpenters, It Will Be A Good Refresher If You Haven’t Done This In Awhile

Simple Eh ?  Let Us Know How Your Project Turned Out

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