There is nothing quite like a BBQ in your backyard ! Nothing that is until you get the ultimate backyard cooker   —  THE SMOKER  !

The smoker will take your backyard culinary attempts to entirely new levels of cooking and will make you the envy of the neighborhood..

The smoker is quite easy to build and will provide you enough room to smoke HUGE quantities of whatever you want to smoke .. Turkey, Pork, sides of Beef.. you name it and you can smoke it.

Smoking fish and meats goes back to prehistoric times..long before refrigeration and was used by cavemen to cook and preserve the fruits of their hunting

Now, modern day cave men, use this smoking technique for the outdoor, backyard, barbecue and seriously become the envy of the neighborhood.. There are many techniques and everybody who smokes their food will tell you that theirs is the best.. NOT SO !!

The best Smoking technique is YOURS !!

So to begin this journey of smoking and refining your outdoor BBQ  head to page two and the basics of building your own smoker are explained..

Step One is that you have to have a smoker.. You can buy one for astronomical amounts of money or being a DIY save money type of person, you can make your own on the cheap..

Here is how :

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