Mice Are A Total Nuisance — On That We Can Agree For Sure.. Trapping Them In The Old Fashioned Spring Trap, With  A Piece Of Cheese Or Peanut Butter Seems Prehistoric.

For Years We Have Looked At Soda Bottles And Wondered If, Indeed, That A Better Mouse Trap Could Be Fashioned Using A Soda Bottle And Some Gerrymandering Of Bits And Pieces.

We Looked And Finally Came Across A Great Assembly Method Which Is Not Only Humane But Is Easy To Build With Every Day Items.

There No Springs, Levers Or Things That Go : “SNAP” And Grab Your Fingers..

The Mouse Cannot Chew His Way Out Of The Trap And Best Of All It Is Easy To Release The Critter Back Into The Wild

Let’s Grab A 2 Litre Bottle, Some Bits And Pieces And Some Peanut Butter For Bait Then Mouse Walk To Page 2 Where You Will Learn How:

As This Unfolds, You Will Realize That This Is A Fun Project For Father/Son/Daughter/Mother/Daughter/Son

It Teaches Humanity And The Kids Learn That Violence Is Not Necessary In Ridding The House Of Pests.

This Is The Best DIY Mousetrap There Is.

After You Build This , Drop Us A  Few Comments And Let Us Know How It Worked

Also Any Other Suggestions Which You May Have

Thanks For Visiting DIY For Everybody

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