We Originally Thought About This Item For A SHTF Moment Or Happening.. Then We Decided That It Would Be A Handy Item To Stick In The Bug Out Bag As Well To Have Simply To Just Go To The Woods

When TSHTF, It Would Be Well To Be Prepared For Survival. What Better Start On Survival Mode Than A Stove To Heat Water, Canned Food Or Simply To Generate Some Heat.

There Are Dozens Of These Homemade Mini Stoves And We Will Gradually Bring You Several Versions

The One That We Are Featuring In This Segment Of DIY For Everybody Is Only The Beginning

Go On To Page 2 And Check It Out And See If You Don’t Think That This Would Be A Good StartWe Think That A Source Of Heat Is The First Defense To Survival

Let Us Know What You Think And If You Have Any Ideas, We Would Love For You To Share Them..

Heading Over To Page 3, We Find Another Ingenious Version Of The Survival Stove

Take A Look  By Clicking The Link This Is Awesomely Simple Yet Amazingly Effective

While This Looks Tiny, It Is Very Efficient And Very Effective.

I Burns Virtually Any Source Of Fuel From Natural To Esbit Or Other Fuel Tabs.. This Folds Within Itself And Should Be Part Of Everybody’s Bug Out Bag Or Simply To Have For Your Camp Stove.. This Is A Must Have DIY Stove And It Is A Simple Project

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