When you paint a room, one of the most scary parts is cutting the line between the wall and the ceiling..No more !!

A fresh coat of paint on any room will not only brighten up the room and give it a fresh look, but it will also brighten your spirits and that of your family .

Painting a room is really not a arduous task over all.. The time consuming and nerve wracking part is cutting the line between the ceiling and the wall.  Frankly, we make that part of the painting process more complicated and nerve wracking than it needs to be.

Knowing the consistency of your paint and matching that with the proper brush will make that line go smoothly and you will think that you are a professional painter and should hire out.

We have searched the web and have chosen what we think is the most direct and simple demonstration for cutting the ceiling line.

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There is one problem with this technique ! Once you get the hang of it and your room comes out pluperfect, you family will want every room in the house done.. So Be prepared for some serious interior re modeling .. Happy Painting


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