Ikea is without doubt, one of the most clever and amazing stores world wide

There craftsmanship and attention to detail will make even the most rudimentary do it yourselfer look like a pro.

The cabinets and hardware simply are glove tight, engineered and cut to very close tolerances and with just a little imagination and some creativity, you can transform a simple space into one of usefulness and beauty.

As an example, here is a before picture of one simple apartment – nothing fancy and nothing to complain about but totally unimaginative and basic. ikea before

As you can see, it is serviceable but kind of cramped and cluttered..

Now go to the next page and see what an Ikea hack can do for this space We think that you will have to agree the the transformation is nothing short of magic.

ikea after

Yes, this is the same spaced transformed by a visit to Ikea and some work and imagination .

Here is a list of the materials used :


– five IKEA billy bookcases

– five IKEA base cabinets of varying sizes

– four strips of symmetrical moulding for between the shelves

– two strips of half-round moulding for between end-shelves and walls

– wood screws

– finishing nails

– a quart of paint matched to IKEA white

– ten L-brackets


– circular saw

– clamps

– place to cut countertops (workbench thing)

– jigsaw or hole dozer

– power drill

– level

– measuring tape

– stud finder

Step one is to Measure and Plan your space

Step two is to install the cabinets according to the well documented Ikea plans and instructions

Step three is to install the book shelves

Step four is to cut, fit and install the molding

Step five is to run your cables and hide them

Step six is to install the shelves and start loading them up and putting things in order

For complete instructions and pictorial steps visit :

Photos and Ideas as well as source of information courtesy of :

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