You Seriously Need To Have A Supply Of Gasoline On Hand For Emergency Purposes.  Whether You Are Just Running Your Emergency Generator Or If You Get Into A SHTF Situation And Need To Go Into Bug Out Mode.

Gasoline is in itself relatively safe if you store it properly and with some caution and care.. Now, bear in mind that we are not talking about a storage of hundreds or thousands of gallons here!!

We are talking about the safe and proper storage of a few gallons for those emergency situations.. you know, the big storm where the trees take down the power lines or the snow storm where you are snowbound for a couple of days.

Those situations where you need gas to run the generator or the snow blower or any other tool with which to survive.. the chain saw to cut some wood for the fire — that kind of storage

On the next page, we turn to an expert on Survival Skills who will show you what steps to take 

One precaution that you must take is to have a few gasoline rated fire extinguishers on hand in case the SHTF seriously..

Here goes.,  Look and Learn.

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